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Cockfighting is huge in the Philippines. I don't understand why it's considered a sport when it's not the humans that are competing, but the animals. Was the minor surgery (stitching) procedure even sterile? The cock could end up getting an infection.

Tony Prosperie

As Abraham Lincoln once said:
"As long as the Almighty has permitted intelligent men, created in his own likeness to fight and kill each other in public while the world looks on approvingly, it's not for me to deprive the chickens of the same privilege."
Abraham Lincoln


The pictures are good , though there should have been mix of color and b/w pics the pics in start are all b/w and in the end all color. there are lot of potraits, it would have been better if there was some dof effect.
The cockfight pics are very graphic for me (I am a vegetarian),are they given anaesthesia before operation.


Amazing to see. I never seen an operation done on an animal before. At least they are not just left to die.

Shazeen Samad

Wonderful set, really love your work...

outdoorexposure graphic...amazing how u capture the detail...awesome series!!!!


Really, really interesting. Now I've seen everything! Stitching up chickens? Quite strange for me.


more amazing photos


fantastic reporting Sidney; i really admire the way you've followed this story through to the end.


i must agree vets are really good, see how they did the operation, really nicely done.


that's nice. good thing i already ate dinner :P


I found it surprising to see of effort made to repair these fighters. Very interesting series.


Distressing images. Not just for the birds but a sad reflection on human kind that anyone could consider this ‘sport’.



amazing :)


Poor rooster!!! Always beautiful your photos.


whoa! there should be strict rules that prohibit these kinds of animal games in our country, i tell you! the poor chickens!

there is a cock fighting arena a few minutes away from our house. you'll know there's a game whenever the traffic in the area is terrible!

Gérard Méry

Bravo pour le vétérinaire et le photographe Sidney,


"oh, i feel soooo cold...hold me?" says the cock.


very disturbing. excellent photos, though, Sidney.


Pretty heavy stuff. Amazing juxtaposition of how the guys smile like it's a schoolboy game amidst the carnage.

Good "reportage", Sydney! :)


interesting photo! imagine a big hole like that the cock is still alive. really brave cock.

Mike Dougan


But good photography.


It's good to know that the gamecocks can still survive after the operation.

Sidney, how did you manage to get so close up?


The Artist

Thanks for the visit. You take strong photos. The subject however I find distressing, with best wishes, The Artist


Considering the big bucks involved in gamecock fighting, these "doctors" should be making a lot of money! ... Sidney, I've never been to a cockfight. See my answer to the comment you made on my blog.

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